Movember 2013 – Raising Awareness for Men’s Health Issues and Growing my Mo

I have never feared growing out some facial hair.

Over the years, I’ve sported sideburns, goatees, Van Dykes and for a brief period right after college a moustache that, in retrospect, aged me 10 years and made me look like the driver of a white creeper van.

Despite many brave attempts, I’ve never made it to full-beard mode. Somewhere around the 2-week mark, I succumb to intensive itchy face and go from Sasquatch to baby-faced somewhere between waking and going to work.

This month I commit my face to the noble act of moustache growth for Movember 2013.

Movember 2013 - Day 1

Been a long while since I've had no facial hair...won't last long

For the 10th year in a row, the Movember movement seeks “To Have an Everlasting Impact on Men’s Health” by raising awareness for men’s health issues through the robust growth of most awesome ‘staches in the month of November.

Seems a bit silly, but it’s actually quite brilliant. Few things are more talkable than a crazy looking moustache.

Last year 1,127,152 men participated in Movember. Their efforts:

  • Raised funds for men’s health program investment
  • Generated conversations about men’s health that led to:
    • Greater awareness and understanding of the health risks men face
    • Men taking action to remain well
    • Giving men the information to take action when they are sick

Movember originally focused on physical wellness, specifically living with and beyond prostate and testicular cancer. Within its first couple of years, it added initiatives to focus on mental health as well, and that is why I personally support Movember. In key moments of my life, I have valued and benefited from the help of a mental health professional.

I want to do what I can to support the Movember mental health goals:

Staying Mentally Healthy, Living with and Beyond Mental Illness

  • Men are mentally healthy and take action to remain well
  • When men experience mental illness they take action early
  • Men are not treated differently when they experience a mental illness

So…I’ve joined Doug French‘s Dads/Bloggers Movember team with goal of amassing “as large a team of dads and bloggers to continue our efforts to use Social Media for Social Good.”

Movember 2013 - Day 3

Day 3 - Filling out the palette for an awesome Mo.

Please help us in this effort by donating to Movember and sharing this story with your friends and followers. I’ll post update photos of my Mo as it moves from Nascent to Legendary status throughout the month.

Thanks for joining me on this ride…it’s gonna be a blast.